Wednesday, August 03, 2005

7 ways to radically cut your debt


I am faithfully blogging each and every day, scouring hours and hours together to get quality content to you, my blog readers.

Why do I do it?

I am interested in creating value to as many people as possible. By delivering value to all of you I want to create a vibrant community which is living debt free.

I think this is the time to share my beliefs with you all. I am a Christian and a born again, spirit baptised one.

Being a Christian, I have a promise that I will not be in debt, but lend to many. Isn't it a great position to be in life?

It's not that I am fully debt free but I am on the way to be out of debt sooner, rather than later.

I want this to be the experience of all my blog readers. Also I want this to be a community of people helping each other in this journey and any help, however small it is welcome.

Today I read an article which I believe will put things in perspective as the author lays out a 7 Step plan to be out of debt sooner.

I really liked it and hope that you also benefit from it.

I look forward to your comments,


Johncy Edward

7 ways to radically cut your debt


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