Saturday, August 20, 2005

Does Your Bank Give You Bad Advice?


Are you ill advised on how to improve your credit score or on how to do your credit repair ?

It is always better to learn from trusted resources.

Well after all your bank is your friend right?

No not every time as the story in this link I am giving you today.

Bank's bad advice: Max out credit card: "It's never a good idea to max out a credit card, particularly if you have a thin or troubled credit history."

So how do you build your credit history?

If you are totally maxed out and your credit history is a bum, start with a secured credit card. Use only 30% of it at the most. That way you'll not be seen as desparate to your would be credit card vendors.


Johncy Edward
Your Trusted Credit Score/Credit Repair Guru

PS: Are you getting too many credit card offers? Do you wanna stop them? Stay right here. I'll tell you tomorrow.


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