Saturday, August 20, 2005

Here's Something Other Companies May Also Follow:


I just read an interesting piece of info where one company in the Vending Industry offering to credit repair issues, identity theft protection, to small and medium vending operators.

This is an interesting idea as one dont find many other industries doing it.

This might be a niche where there is money.

" Over the past few years, Hanna began offering customers and prospects even more assistance with regards to credit repair issues, identity theft protection, affordable preventive legal services, health care services and other related and important services that most small to medium vending operators are unable to easily access."
Hanna Group Offers to Vending Companies credit repair issues, identity theft protection

What is in it for us?

If you are entrepreunial in nature, you may try to do that in your industry.

Otherwise be on guard for yourselves in protecting your identity theft and repairing your own credit score and bring it to a good level so that you can get that loan which still eludes you.
Johncy Edward


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