Thursday, August 25, 2005

Keep Your Identity Safe In Just 5 Minutes


Would you be interested in knowing how to protect your Identity theft on you and your Credit Record in safe condition.

a. Collect all of your Credit Card,charge cards,Store Cards, and your Debit Cards and make a trip to a nearest photo copier.

b. Take a copy of those cards both front and back side and make sure you have the contact number of all those card issuers.

c. Now the all important step. Keep this page very safe. If it falls on the wrong hand you alone are responsible. The thought itself is very scary. :)

d.Should anything happen, just take this sheet and contact those issuers and protect yourself from every form of theft that might happen.

Aren't you happy that you get something real you can use on a daily basis.

Johncy Edward
Your Trusted Credit Score/Credit Repair Guru


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