Friday, August 26, 2005

Take Control Of Your Life In Just 3 Minutes


If someone is in financial stress, no wonder they
start spending money they dont own.

When it happens it's just rolling snow as the
problem gets piled up one over the other.

But this is something that can be handled in just
under 3 minutes. Interested.

a. Get hold of all your checking accounts,savings
account(if there is any, no pun intended ;)

b. Get hold of all your credit cards and their
latest statement with what you owe in whole for
each of your card.

c. List all your Car Loans,mortgage payments and
your utility bils

d. List what you do over a typical weekend. End
of the week cinema, picnics and the bowling you
may be involved

e. Be strict to yourself going thru the above
list one after the other and look for areas to
cut spending on.

For example if there is any carpool available,
you can make use of that which will help you save
on your gas bills.

If you normally take your lunch out, pack lunch
from home.

And so on and on.

As far as your credit card statements, look over
your mail and look for any 0% APR and try to
transfer hight interest loans to that card.

Now comes the clincher. When you transfer to a 0%
APR card it doesn't mean anything if you pay the
minimum. Try paying it off as soon as possible
and as much as possible. That way you'll save a
lot on your interests.

Ok you are late in couple of your payments and
they have added latefees to your bill. And boy
they are huge.

I'll share a secret for which many so called debt
consolidation companies
take money from you.

Just call those credit card companies and tell
them that you are ready to pay and ask the
latefees to be waived. They'll do that for you.

Just my 2 cents,

Johncy Edward
Your Trusted Credit Score/Credit Repair Guru

PS: This is a post I made in a www.familyfirst.com blog


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