Monday, August 15, 2005

Will High Credit Score Help? Or Is That Ok?


There is always the evergrowing debate of how high a credit score is good enough?

And the answer is :

"Lenders set their own credit-score benchmarks, depending on the level of risk they're willing to take, Watts says. The lesson here for consumers: It pays to shop around. 'For the best borrowers, you're likely to get more points knocked off the loan fees [if you have the higher scores], or you're likely to pay a fraction of a percent less in overall interest.'"

Moral of the story:

a. Do Due Diligence

b. Do Shop around

c. Heck it is just your credit score. So dont fret too much. (Man is that a suggestion..)

The simple reason I said that is this blog is a growing resource for anyone who is interested in improving their credit score, or repair their bad credit score and building a good credit so that we can enjoy the rewards for it.

So work on your credit score so that it grows to where it ought to be.

Johncy Edward
Playing numbers game on FICO credit scores - Los Angeles Times:


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