Saturday, September 03, 2005

What is the Average Credit Card Debt of An Average American?

What does this mean...?

Average Credit Card Debt Of Average American Customer: "(U.S. consumers have an average debt of $11,224, according to Experian, up about 12 percent from a year ago.)"

It stinks. Being the Capitalist, God bless America, why should an average American have so much of Credit Card Debt ?

It means that they don't have proper control on how they spend money they don't own.

By reading this blog you are way above those average American..

You are doing something about it, learning and trying to do something about it.

Friend, you are in good hands.

Continue reading this blog and you'll learn a lot about how to improve your credit score and how you can better rates with every lending institution imaginable.

Johncy Edward
Yours Credit Score/Credit Repair Guru


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