Saturday, September 03, 2005

What's the magic number?


I am sorry I was not posting because of plain laziness.

Hey I'm human.

The turth is my little son who is 2 and a half years old was bit sick and by the Grace Of God, he is ok now.

So I'm back at work.

Do you know what a 45 point difference in your Credit Score can mean to you? Just read this:

"A 45-point difference in a score can mean tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges on a long-term loan, Freeman said. For example, a buyer with a score of 720, about the national median, might pay around $856 per month on a $150,000, 30-year loan. Meantime, a buyer with a score of 675 might pay $920 a month for the same loan."

What does it tell you?

You have to be very very careful about your credit score and by reading this and all the ideas I give out to you, you can not only improve your credit score but also repair your credit if you need to.


Johncy Edward
Your Trusted Credit Score/Credit Repair Guru


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