Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Identity - Part 1:


I just wrote the 1st part of the Article:

Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Identity - Part 1:

Here are the easy ways I believe you can protect your
identity from the dreaded thieves:

1.Where do you put your PIN numbers and Usernames and
passwords? Don't keep them in your wallet. Don't keep
them in very obvious places like your car dashboard or
kitchen cabinets.

2.If you are using your Credit Card online, check
whether they have the safe 128 bit encryption
technologies. Norally it's safe to deal with urls
starting like this:


3.Do you have good anti virus and firewall software
installed in your PC? This can go a long way in
protecting your identity.

4.Do you get emails asking you to verify your
information? Beware! Use their toll free number to

5.Do you use a good shredder or atleast do you make
sure that when you throw the papers, you don't throw
away vital information too

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Wait for the 2nd installment of this article soon,
Johncy Edward
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