Thursday, June 29, 2006

Credit Repair And Emotions - Part 2


This is the part 2 of dealing with your emotions while you are at repairing your credit.

Do NOT make excuses.

There's no point making lots and lots of excuses to your creditor. They neither have the time nor have the inclination to listen to.

What you can do instead is explain the past just needed and tell them what you are doing to rectify the situation.

They would be more than interested about that.


Johncy Edward
Your Trusted Credit Repair Guru

PS: Wait for the next installment in the series, you may just be blown away.

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I posted this today...


Almost everyone wants to earn just a bit of little more money right?

The net is brimming with make money solutions and they are dime a dozen.

there is no lack on the number of gurus who promises nirvana.

One such thing is creating adsense sites. Today I posted an entry into a contest. It goes like this:


If you expect to read an Adsense rah rah, I think you may have to look elsewhere.

This is not a comment on singing hosannahs for the Messiah who promises an Adsense Gold rushing towards me.

if you conclude that this is a post by an Adsense skeptic, you are bang right.

I too had an experience in search of Adsense nirvana.

If only I put up 100 sites and each of it earns me a meagre $1 a day, I'd be in heavens.

It's not without reason, they have said, if wishes are horses, almost everyone would be already flying. :(

So my thoughts go like these.

Is it still reasonable to go after Adsense as a business model?

Is it still worthwhile to fight for eyeballs when the same or more effort aimed at a different goal. May be an infoproduct, affiliate marketing or something else.

What's the USP of Liz in offering us this membershp site?

I'm not sure.

My be Liz could help.

Ofcourse, this is my entry on the telltale contest.

Maybe I would change my mind as a member inside AdGold Rush.

Sketical yet wondering,
Johncy Edward

I am posting it in this blog. You can also read it here


Maybe you can get something out of it.

Or maybe not. :)

Johncy Edward
Your Trusted Credit Score Guru

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